College Budget Backpacking: Amsterdam, Netherlands

College Budget Backpacking: Amsterdam, Netherlands

February 14, 2017 Off By Cara Hahn

With the turn of the economic downturn around the globe, traveling has been put on the backburner for many students who have been indebted with massive amounts of student loans. These loans cant be repaid easily if you havent got the job you desired but still you can try to lower down the burden by doing petite jobs like providing thesis writing service, working at Mcdonald’s to fulfil your desire to travel. Yet, even with a strict budget you can still enjoy what Europe has to offer.

Amsterdam known as the marijuana capital of the world has been a travel destination for many young college students for years, as it offers the legality of just about everything many other countries do not.

Amsterdam is an expensive city, especially for many college students due to the higher price of euros to dollars. To save some money, I suggest that you stay in a hostel in a town close but outside the city. A great way to find a hostel is to check out which has many well known hostels on the website and include reviews from past guests who have stayed there. You will many times find better and cheaper accommodations outside the area and the metro that takes you to and from the city center is inexpensive (around 2€ there and back).

Another popular site to visit is The Red Light District, as prostitution has been legal in the country for many years. It’s a site to see even if you morally object to the act, but any photography taken in the Red Light District is strictly prohibited for the safety of the women who work there. If you’d like to be a participant 50€ will get you the standard “suck and fuck” that is offered.

Once you’re over those highly publicized areas, I suggest you make your way to the many museums that are located in Amsterdam. The most famous is the Van Gogh museum that features some of the artist’s great works, yet it does lack his more famous paintings that we are use to seeing in print. The entry fee for the Van Gogh museum is around 12€ if you are a student, so carry with you your student ID or you can purchase a international student ID for around $20 before your trip. This allows you to partake in all the discounts available for all students around Europe. The Heineken Factory is located in downtown Amsterdam and is a must see when your in town. For 20€ you get to go through the entire factory, taste some hops and at the end get two Heineken beers. Located between both the Van Gogh museum and the Heineken factory is the famous “I Amsterdam” sign for some great pictures to commemorate your time in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands are also known for their great flowers especially tulips that grow in the country. The flower market in downtown Amsterdam is a short walk across the street from the metro station, is open everyday until around 3pm. The flowers there are beautiful and many of them are as tall as human. There are all types of flowers and as a great souvenir you can bring back Dutch flower seeds for those gardeners in your family. Many of the sellers are even willing to ship them to the United States for you for a small price, saving you the extra hassle of finding the appropriate packaging and stopping at the post office.

The Netherlands is a great country to visit and truly see a culture very different from that of any other in the entire world. Being able to travel on a limited budget is still doable as long as you stay away from tourist destinations and live like the locals do, allowing you the best of both worlds.